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 The jacket we created had a built in screen which attached to various sensors. There was a heart rate monitor, thermometer, barometer, and compass, all of which showed on a digital display. We also added a Peltier electric generator battery pack that was attached to the pocket lining on the chest, so that the wearer’s body heat from exertion could be harnessed to power the electronics. Given more time and resources, we planned to add hand warmers into the lining of the pockets, and flexible solar panels onto the hood and shoulders for additional power. The jacket itself had a water resistant hood and shoulders as well as mesh panels across the mid back and under the arms to help the wearer keep cool.
 Due to the rapid evolution of technology, Abeona was conceived with the intention of being a rental service. The consumer would not want to invest in an expensive jacket that would be outdated in just a year or two, so instead s/he could rent a jacket for a trip at a lower price and then return it, after which it would be cleaned and then rented to the next hiker. Once the technology became outdated, Abeona would recycle the fabric and the tech so that nothing was wasted. Updating to the next model of the Total Immersion Jacket would allow customers to always be able to rent jackets with the newest technology.
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